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Longevity is not just about living a long time. It is about the quality of that life.

This show helps you boost your energy and health, improve clarity, boost productivity and efficiency, enhance the quality of your family and relationships, and discover how functional wellness can vitalize your entire life. When you are chronically healthy, you can do what you desire, travel to your heart’s desire. More vacation, less medication. 

  • Longevity
  • Independence
  • Family
  • Environment

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S1 Ep8: March 24th, 2023

From Healthy Goals to Healthy Homes

  • Getting paid chasing your passion
  • Your home is not as safe as you think
  • Special Guest Michael Perez / Showroom ready Homes
    • Following your passion
    • Transitioning from helping the individual to helping the community

Latest Episode 


S1 Ep8: March 17th, 2023

Wanderlust with Fairy Godmother

  • The importance of taking finances into your own hands
  • The best investment you can make in any market
  • 22:24-41:40 Special Guest: Shirley Morris / Fairy Godmother Travel
    • Why you need your own Fairy Godmother travel agent
    • How to plan your dream vacation
  • 42:45-51:00 Business Outreach
    • Local Plumber: Capital Care Plumbing /James Warren

Previous Episodes


S1 Ep1: Jan 27,2023

Healthy food for Children

  • What does it mean to live a Chronically Healthy Life?

  • What are some of the foundations needed to start living a Chronically Healthy Life

  • How foods can affect your children's behavior

  • 44:28-50:40 Business Outreach
    • House Cleaning: Ready Set Sparkle / Jenny Rios

S1 Ep2: Feb 03,2023

Emotional Well-being

  • Relationships - love, hate, and forgiveness
  • 19:40-40:20 Special Guest: Ilene Gottlieb - The Heart Healer
    • Dealing with emotions, negative self-talk, empowerment and more
  • 42:10-49:50 Business Outreach
    • Hormone Therapy: 4Ever Young / Freddy Frederick

S1 Ep3: Feb 10, 2023

Having Cancer is no Joke

  • Chronic Inflammation
  • diseases it can lead to such as cancer
  • 21:34-43:13 Special Guest: Brenda Ring Wood
    • her journey finding cancer
    • what is the Becoming the Best You movement and how you can be part of it
  • 43:44-49:32 Business Outreach 
    • Health Insurance: Victory Benefits / Ashley Victory

S1 Ep4: Feb 17, 2023

Unconditional Love

  • Valentines Day, Unconditional Love with Pets
  • 22:51-40:30 Special Guests: Tania and Jenny from Mutts and Meow Rescue 
    • What it takes to be a good fur baby parent
    • How to help with local animal rescue
  • 41:32-51:10 Business Outreach
    • Portrait Photography: Silver Artistry / David Silver

S1 Ep5: Feb 25th, 2023

You are Under Attack

  • Why we feel Like Crap all the time
    • How the environment we live is causing us to be sick
    • Natural way to heal our bodies from the inside out
  • 25:56-40:50 Special Guest : Shari McCants Health & Wellness Educator
    • Importance of Stem Cells
    • How to regenerate stem cells naturally in your body
  • 41:54-48:55 Business Outreach
    • Direct Mail advertising: City Publications Houston /Rachelle Park 

S1 Ep6: March 3rd, 2023

Living in the Zone

  • People in the Blue Zones are living up to 100years and beyond
    • Things we can learn from those living in the Blue zones
    • Simple steps we can incorporate into our lives to improve our health and longevity
  • 24:12-44:18 Special Guest: Freddy Frederick /4Everyoung Katy
    • Importance of complete diagnostic blood panels for optimal health
    • The role of testosterone in men and women
    • How hormone optimization improves health, anti-aging and longevity 
  • 45:54-51:40 Business Outreach
    • Home Renovations: Showroom Ready Homes / Eli Konieczka

S1 Ep7: March 10rd, 2023

Brotherhood in Arms

  • Houston Rodeo, importance of family and bad carnival food
  • How joining a community or tribe with similar interest and mindset can improve your health and longevity
  • 21:33-44:40 Special Guest Ricky Maique F3 Katy Nanton
    • F3 - Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
    • building a community for men to share in fitness, brotherhood and challenges.
  • 45:38-52:20 Business Outreach
    • Local Realtor: ReMax / Tena Wood

Start Living a Chronically Healthy Lifestyle now

Join our Chronically Healthy LIFE Tribe and get the latest news, updates and hacks towards living your best LIFE